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our sky
3 April 2009

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8 March 2009

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29 January 2009

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23 January 2009

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7 December 2008

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Heh! what do you think?!?
10 September 2008

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24 May 2008

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MT photoxy on The salt lake
وای ی ی ی ی ی ی ی ی ی ی ی عجب عکسی ای ول

MT photoxy on The spring in the winter

MT potoxy on عزیزا

MT potoxy on The salt lake
nice landscape gre8 shot

MT potoxy on The spring in the winter
خدا وکیلی, الان دوست داشتم تو اون کلبه بود ...

Shaahin Bahremand on The spring in the winter
منظهر ی خیلی خوبی رو تونستی ثبت کنی . آفرین

EYEPOWER on The spring in the winter
this is absolutely a perfect shot!!! love the framing u've made :))

payam on The spring in the winter
great shot

Farshad on The spring in the winter
عکس خونم خیلی کم شده بود. سایت عزیزمون هم که فعلا بسته شده. زدیم به ...

Philip on The spring in the winter
Fine perspective. That's a long way down!

Arasp on The salt lake
با سلام, سرزمین پارس از دیرباز مهد تمدن و هنر بشری بوده است که ...

Mahdi on The salt lake
wonderful, very very nice shot, you are on my favorite

Miti on The salt lake
vaay mahsa in ax fogholade as!!!!!!

studio17a on The salt lake
Beautiful image, great color and coposition.

metti on The salt lake
فتوبلاگ شما يكي از بهترين فتوبلاگهايي بود كه ديدم. به اميد ...

saeed on The salt lake
عاليه... عجب نوري... وقت عكاسي رو خيلي خوب انتخاب كرديد... تبريك

☾éline on The salt lake
Very beautiful !

Ali Rahmati on The salt lake
Prefect Landscape :)

Stefan on The salt lake
Beautiful photo!

ISO on The Sunrise of Urumiyeh lake
Absolutely splendid. Lights, textures, composition everything is perfect... what a great job.

Olivier on The Sunrise of Urumiyeh lake
divine light... Happy new year!

Abraham Siloé on The Sunrise of Urumiyeh lake
hey very nice shot, like it a lot, really great job! Greets from México!!!

Shahryar on The Sunrise of Urumiyeh lake
Excellent :)

Behzad on _
edit bishtar mikhad hame joziyat ro mishe ba d80 neshon dad .nice picture merci

Fade ToBLACK on our sky
i like this

Fade ToBLACK on _
wonderful sky well done

Mahdi on dar panahe aseman
amazing color and framing ,nice shot

Mahdi on our sky
nice shot with nice framing,thank you

HOKO on _
Salam , Photoblagizdan bir gissa gorushum oldi , oni va pnda olan photograflari chokh gabil va daiarli gurdum . demak ...

Saeed on our sky
aks kheili zibayi shode

Saeed on _
ajab! Tarkib Bandi Zibayi shode

Riccardo Orioni on with my sky
extraordinary light and composition

R. Mahmoudi on _
the compsition is really great ... the shades and the clouds is perfect ... i prefer to crop from above ...

Kaveh Saffari on nature of kandovan
I know these valleys of Sahand Mt. very well and have always enjoyed and loved being among it's fertile lands... ...

Kaveh Saffari on Reflection2
wonderful play of light spectrum again... I'm amazed with these two reflection works of u... perfect...

Kaveh Saffari on Reflection
oh and WoW... I can't just add any other words... I'm speechless... how did u do it...? WoW... it's ...

Kaveh Saffari on Zenith of Sahand
seems we both wander at the same fields... :D maybe we someday meet huh...? :) nice landscape shot... love the puffy ...

Kaveh Saffari on آب آیینه ی آسمان .....watter is sky's mirror
a smart way of using selective color... well done... it's interesting... and as usual... it bears so much deep and ...

Kaveh Saffari on with my sky
this shot reminds me of the drawing on the cover page and the 1st pages of the Alchemist book by Paulo Coelho... a ...

Kaveh Saffari on R E F L E C T I O N
WoW... a dazzling trick... WoW... u're a genius... WoW... I wish I could find somewhere with such a still water to ...

Kaveh Saffari on The color of fall
oh... the combination of barbed wire and the autumn leaves... give this photo a very strong impression... I really do ...

Kaveh Saffari on SLOW DYING
interesting concept... :) very unusual and yet deep and conceptual... which many meanings can be derived from it... :)

Kaveh Saffari on Garden street
an absolutely correct perspective for this kind of shot... well done... a centimeter to the right or left... and the ...

Kaveh Saffari on FRESH
an overall nice high-speed macro shot... good job... :)

Kaveh Saffari on our sky
as I said before... the interesting thing in ur works is that I can as though touch them... and feel them deeply... ...

Kaveh Saffari on _
This is an excellent shot... I've always loved the shades of light reaching out from behind the clouds... the ...

Kaveh Saffari on _
It's really interesting... it's obvious that ur point of view is close to that of mine... when I went through ...

khosro on our sky
Kheily Zibast.

babak on our sky
salam vaghean sabthaye zibaee ro namyesh dadid movafagh bashid

ARASH on .

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